Debbie was great to work with as a career coach as I re-entered the workforce after a decade as a stay-at-home mom and freelance writer. She helped me focus my job search so that I’m networking more effectively with people in the industries and in the types of positions where I’d like to work. She asked questions that have enabled me to identify my top priorities in a job, and helped me understand career development strategies that I can take with me to any position.

-Elena, Writer

Debbie has been an amazing guide and mentor to me. Initially I was lost in myself and my own abilities while searching for the most fitting career. I limited my options and Debbie was able to walk me through in finding a more vast amount of options in my life. She never told me what to do though, which I appreciated. She guided. And she made me think deeply about the choices that I have made in life as well as sort out the factors in life that are most important to me. She helped me in learning more about myself, which no one had attempted before. And I’m am so grateful for our conversations.

She’s sincere, genuinely caring, and extremely knowledgeable. She opens up an entirely new and fresh perspective to my goals and aspirations. I used to be extremely unhappy with life. After my experience with Debbie, I feel like there are more possibilities and I have become very satisfied with my situation.
-Rojita, Customer Service Associate

Debbie’s coaching is notable for her intelligence, her seemingly endless patience, kindness and her authentic empathy.  I have always come away from our sessions feeling energized, directed and ready!  In contrast, when our conversations begin, I am often fighting an uphill battle against pure inertia.  Her coaching has skillfully helped to turn that unfortunate condition on it’s tail and get me back in motion.  It’s been wonderful to work with Debbie and I hope we’ll work together for years to come.
-Kim, Achievement Coach 

I’m so grateful for my coaching relationship with Deb.  I found her to be insightful, probing, strategic, relevant and highly relatable.  Our work together helped bring some needed balance in my life as a working professional and mother of two young children.  Her thoughtful partnership and methods of accountability helped me gain much needed traction on projects key to both my workplace and our home.
-Alissa, Non Profit Professional

Debbie has been an excellent career coach for me.  She is a breath of fresh air, a wonderful listener, and a terrific sounding board.  She offered me practical reflective tools, properly chosen for each step of my journey, that helped me gain clarity about important choices in my life.  She is loaded with wisdom from a myriad of books and frameworks that empower people to achieve what they seek.  Her tips are very practical; they make sense, and she checks back to find out if you’ve done what you intended to do.  Her influence can get you from being stuck to being mobilized; living a life you create.  I would recommend her for anyone who is interested in coaching!
-Jamie, Non Profit Professional and Web Developer

Debbie gave me the chance to share my goals without fearing judgment, and then helped me examine the steps I would need to take in order to make these dreams a reality. Having worked with Debbie, I feel much more confident about the decisions I make.
-Kirstin, Non Profit Professional

The most valuable thing I took from working with Debbie was that she helped me to reframe the issues that were eroding my confidence.  Seeing things from a different perspective, I now understand what decisions to make to be more productive and get ‘unstuck’.  She is always right there in the moment with me, understanding what I say, and even what I don’t say, keeping me focused on the core issues.
-Diane, Small Business Coach