Group Workshops
Group Workshops

LinkedIn for Career Changers: Crafting your Story Online

Join me for a 15 – minute crash course on how to make the most compelling use of your LinkedIn profile, especially if you are in the process of changing careers.  We’ll cover the ‘need to haves’ and the ‘nice to haves’ and you’ll end the class with a clear strategy that you can implement right away.

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Past Workshops Include:

Getting LinkedIn: Profile Essentials for Job Seekers

The bar has been set – A LinkedIn profile is necessary for you to be recognized in today’s job market. We’ll show you how to create a basic, polished profile that shows hiring managers, connections and recruiters that you are current and showcases all of your amazing skills and experiences. After this workshop, you’ll have the tools to unveil your professional presence online.

Boost your LinkedIn Profile (with headshot)

Join us for a deeper dive into the vast wonders of LinkedIn! Once you’ve created a basic profile, it’s time to start using this great tool to your advantage. Once you learn some basic tips and tricks, LinkedIn has the capacity to catapult your job search to the next level. While some people are ‘found’ through LinkedIn, most people need to put some effort in to network strategically. We’ll teach you how to connect with the right people for your search, where to conduct your research and the best ways to share your brand and expertise. We’ll walk through all the major features and best practices for using this important tool and set you up to be a successful networker.

Healthy Habits; Discovering Personal Wellness through Food, Fashion and Fulfillment

with SooJin K. Chu of Swagger and Glide and Zoe Keller of One Beet Wellness

Imagine an office culture where your team is feeling healthy, looking good, engaged with work, and excited about life.  Personal wellness is key for high performing people, and high performing organizations.  Delivering Happiness, by Zappos’ CEO Tony Hsieh, states that happy and healthy employees take less sick time, experience less stress, and are more productive.  Fostering self-care for your employees pays off.

The Healthy Habits workshop breaks down self-care into clear, actionable steps that any busy professional can tackle.  Consider this workshop the ‘Greatest Hits’ album in healthy eating, personal style, and stress management.  We focus on key habits that offer the most bang-for-your-buck, and set your employees on a path of confidence, engagement and vitality. Everyone will walk away with a better understanding of self-care, and new healthy habits to implement right away.

This workshop is designed to be flexible to best meet the needs of your staff.  For example, it can be tailored for new hires who need guidance as they start in a professional setting, or seasoned executives who need help with balance and stress management.  Whoever the audience, this workshop will inspire staff to take great care of themselves and thereby become fully engaged at work.

How to Transition Careers with Grace

Are you in the midst of a major career transition and feeling really stuck? Using William Bridges classic model for transition, we’ll uncover the natural stages we all experience in any life transition and create strategies for moving through the stages gracefully and successfully.

  • Learn the 3 basic stages of any life or career transition
  • Apply the model to your career transition; gain awareness about where you are and where you are headed
  • Create strategies to seamlessly move from one stage to another – to your new career!

Finding your New Normal: A Workshop for Parents in Career Transition

Becoming a parent is a major life transition.  It affects nearly every corner of your life and yet it often shows up in bright red blinking lights around your career.

Between the exhaustion and never-ending stream of guilt that comes with parenthood, it can be difficult for parents put themselves first in order to:

1. Create the awareness necessary for change to happen and;
2. Make a commitment to make an intentional shift in their careers and lives.

The parenthood transition gives you a chance to reassess what is important for you and your family and make choices to make that life a reality.

Using William Bridges classic model for transition and some tangible coaching tools, we’ll get you thinking about and moving in the right direction for you.   No matter what stage of the parenthood transition you are in (new parent, empty nester, stay at home parent) this workshop will take you one step closer to living a happy, intentional and fulfilling life.

How to take the WORK out of Networking

Come discover how to be yourself AND make meaningful, productive connections.

Job seekers and career changers often hear that they must network in order to find their next great position.  However, many people find networking, in a traditional sense, to feel fake and inauthentic.  It becomes something we dread and therefore something we avoid.  What if there was a way to seamlessly integrate who you are with how you connect with people by finding places and ways to connect with others that feels genuine and leads to great results for your job search, your life and the world?  In this workshop, we’ll discuss and explore what networking really is and what it can be. We’ll reflect on our unique individual skill sets and strengths, and identify and practice ways to make networking fun, effective and authentic.  Come and discover how to bring purpose, possibility and power to networking!