Business Coaching
Business Coaching

Lacking a clear vision and strategy to create and sustain the business you’ve dreamed of?

Highly skilled at your craft but new to entrepreneurship?

Looking for systems and solutions to bring efficiency and ease into your business?

Growing rapidly and trying to keep up with the workflow without letting things fall through the cracks?

Trying to hold onto your sanity, while also running a successful business?

Feeling very overwhelmed, paralyzed by your to-do list and without adequate support to help you succeed?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, small business coaching could help.

I specialize in supporting small business owners, and often soloprenuers, who are passionate about what they do but struggle to move their business forward systematically and effectively manage all the details it takes to run a business.

I act as an impartial adviser and thought partner to business owners who need to get a little distance from the day to day, to move their business forward in a meaningful way.

I’m not an business expert; I’m a coach.

I have experience in a variety of industries, extensive training in how to help others be their best, a process oriented mind, a whole lot of resources and a passion to help others to find success.

One of the things I learned while starting my own coaching practice is that I LOVE being an entrepreneur!  I know from my colleagues that this is not a universal truth!

Using a coaching approach, I can support you to take things to the next level by supporting you to utilize and boost your strengths as a business owner, empower you to make hard decisions and simplify so you can do what you love and also run a successful business.

The approach:

  • Complete a thorough needs assessment process to determine where you need support
  • Creating a customized proposal and project plan for partnership based on your specific needs and goals. We’ll use this a tool to keep us moving forward and accountable on projects throughout our engagement.
  • Developing strategies and action plans to move projects forward (including referrals to other experts as needed).
  • Regular weekly or bi-monthly coaching sessions to plan, design and move forward on projects. Consistent communication and partnership makes things happen.
  • Support in between sessions via email and short phone check ins for on-the-spot support and feedback.

How I Can Help:

  • Developing a business vision, mission and strategy, in line with your values and needs
  • Support creating systems to help your business run smoothly i.e. software to support contact management, bookkeeping, project management, document sharing, time tracking, internet marketing, calendaring systems to name a few
  • Strategic time management
  • Project management and prioritization
  • Leadership development
  • Business development
  • Guidance with hiring processes and staff management
  • Support, structure and accountability in moving stalled projects forward

Interested to learn more? Here’s what to do next:

  • Send me a note through my contact form. I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.