Career Transition
Career Transition

“I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.” by William Ernest Henley

Are you SO done with your current career or job?

Would you like to clarify where your passions, interests, skills and talents intersect so you can move powerfully into your next career?

Are you looking to find more meaning and purpose in your career?

Looking to make a big professional shift but have been avoiding it because it feels so overwhelming?

It’s scary and hard to go it alone. And, it’s time.

I help career changers to find what makes them tick, align that with what’s important to them and what they are great at, and light the way to their next career.  Whether you are just starting out in your career and trying to find the best path or you’ve been in the workforce for years, we can help to customize a process to help you move forward meaningfully and authentically.

I’d love to help you find your professional path!

We all come to a place in our lives when we’ve veered off course in our professional lives.  As we shift and grow as individuals, our interests and capacities often change.

Most people know when it is time for a change. Sometimes it appears to happen to us or for us – in the form of a lay-off.  Sometimes we just get the itch that something isn’t quite right and it’s time for something new.  You may have lost interest or motivation for the field or job you’ve been in or you may be feeling like you never quite found the right fit but rather fell into something without a lot of thought.

Maybe the pay was good or it was flexible or you liked the people so sticking around worked for awhile…but not anymore.

Maybe you love what you do but are ready to challenge yourself to take it to the next level?

Maybe you are curious about climbing the ladder or going out on your own?

Maybe you are a new professional who isn’t quite sure what the right fit even is?

Whatever is motivating the change, I can help you to find clarity about what you’d like to do, clarify your skills, strengths and values, systematically explore your options, create a plan and act on it so you can move with precision and intention into your next professional chapter.

The Approach:

Finding Clarity:

We work together to clarify your ideal professional path and begin to collect all of your ‘data’ to understand what’s possible. This stage can include debriefing past roles, brainstorming interests, visioning, values, strengths and skills assessment.  The heart of this process is in getting a clear picture of who you are, what you can offer and what you want.


This stage includes strategic research to test our assumptions and vet options and ideas that have been uncovered during our data collection process.  Practically, we often begin researching industries, roles and organizations to see what sticks. Once we have viable options, we between to match your research with your who and your whats.

Preparing your story:

Once we have clarity about what you might like to do, we begin to craft the tools to help you to share your awesome self with the world (i.e. resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, your pitch …)

Getting in to action:

You are now ready to launch. This is where you begin actively networking, applying for positions, interviewing and ultimately landing a new role that aligns with all that is best in you. As your coach, I’ll help you to continue moving forward towards your goal and provide support, resources, accountability and feedback along the way.  This can sometimes be a long process and having support through the hills and valleys can be very helpful.

Reflection and Celebration:

We grow when we learn and pay attention.  To take your experience full circle: Did you get where you were hoping to go? What did you learn? What’s different now? What are you grateful for?

Everyone goes through this process at different speeds and sometimes in a different order.  As your coach, I am here with you every step of the way, actively listening to the story behind the story, sharing observations and insights, offering key tools and resources and always ensuring confidentiality.

Interested to learn more? Here’s what to do next:

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