I specialize in providing individual coaching for parents, career changers and small business owners.  Coaching proposals are created on an individual basis, based on your needs.  Fees begin at $135 per session and adjust accordingly depending on travel required and if we are meeting via phone or in person.

Contact me to learn more and to design a partnership together.

Happy Parents, Happy Kids

  • Are you a working parent trying to keep all the balls in the air and feeling very overwhelmed and depleted?
  • Maybe a stay at home parent seeking enrichment outside of the home and looking to get back into the workforce?
  • Are you a parent who is looking to make a shift in their career path to better fit with the new demands of a growing family and meet your own professional and personal needs at the same time?

You’ve come to the right place.

I help parents to be the best version of themselves, so that they can be the best parents to their kids.  Learn more about coaching for parents!

Career Transitions

I help career changers find what makes them tick and light the path to their next career.

  • Are you new to the professional world or in mid career looking to make a change?
  • Would you like to clarify where your passions, interests, skills and talents intersect so you can move powerfully into your next career?
  • Are you looking to find more meaning and purpose in your career?

I’d love to help you find your professional path!  Learn more about coaching for career transitions!

Small Business Coaching

  • Are you moving through a transition in your small business?
  • Looking for systems and solutions to bring efficiency and ease into your business?
  • Growing rapidly and trying to keep up with the workflow without letting things fall through the cracks?
  • Highly skilled at your craft but new to entrepreneurship?
  • Overwhelmed by technology when it comes to running the back end of your business?
  • Unsure of where to focus and what to do next?
  • Lacking vision and strategy?

We can help!

Using a coaching approach, I help service oriented small businesses take things to the next level by offering coaching services to utilize and boost your strengths as a business owner and practitioner and simplify so you can do what you do best! Learn more about small business coaching services!