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Visioning 101

Check out my latest video blog on visioning. Step by step guide to creating a vision for your life, work or business – including adjustments based on your personal style!  Start 2015 with clarity and by design!

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Give Yourself a Promotion in 2014!

Success in American culture is often defined by things like how much money you make, the prestige of your career or the size of your home. These are all external markers of success. A promotion at work is another example of this. Imagine this: Your supervisor calls you into their office, congratulates you on a […]

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Finding Balance (Hint: You need a Vision)

I’ve always been a hard-worker.  It is part of who I am.  Finding time and space for play has always been the bigger challenge in my life.  Being a martyr also comes easy to me and it’s a pattern I have to play close attention to – or I get myself into a lot of […]

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