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C’mon get happy!

Happiness is much less about creating the perfect set of circumstances in your life and much more about choosing how you relate to whatever situation you find yourself in.  Some of the poorest people in the world, with the fewest resources, are remarkably happier than the typical middle class American (who has TONS of resources). […]

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All I want is to be happy

How many times have you heard the saying, “All I want is to be happy” or one of it’s many variations such as “All I want is for my children, partner, mother, friend – fill in the blank – to be happy.” We talk about it all the time in our overly stressed, overly competitive, […]

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Drinking the Meditation Kool Aid

I’ve decided to drink the meditation Kool Aid once and for all.  Like many, I am someone who has tried meditation many times in my life – during difficult personal times when I felt desperate for peace and during strong times when I was a personal development warrior climbing my way to the enlightened summit […]

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A Thanksgiving Miracle

A few days before our guests arrived for Thanksgiving, my husband sat me down for a talk.  In short, he said – I know you want everything to be perfect for this family celebration AND now is the time to lower your expectations for how everyone will play into that and how everything will turn […]

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The Gratitude Bandwagon

November marks the beginning of a season that is all about gratitude, right?  It’s an important theme to keep on the front burner – especially during a season that feels full of expectations, stressors and forced happiness (i.e. family, jingle bells, you know where I’m going with this). I deeply believe that we have the […]

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