Deborah Tyson


Career Transitions

Are you SO done with your current career or job?

Looking to make a big jump in industry or role?

It’s scary and hard to go it alone.

I help career changers to find what makes them tick, align that with what’s important to them and what they are great at and light the way to their next career.  Whether you are just starting out in your career and trying to find the best path or you’ve been in the workforce for years, we can help to customize a process to help you move forward meaningfully and authentically.

We’d love to help you find your professional path!

We all come to a place in our lives when we’ve veered off course in our professional lives.  As we shift and grow as individuals, our interests and capacities often change.

Most people know when it is time for a change.  Sometimes it appears to happen to us or for us – in the form of a lay-off.  Sometimes we just get the itch that something isn’t quite right and it’s time for something new.  You may have lost interest or motivation for the field or job you’ve been in or you may be feeling like you never quite found the right fit but rather fell into something without a lot of thought.

Maybe the pay was good or it was flexible or you liked the people so sticking around worked for awhile…but not anymore.  Maybe you love what you do but are ready to challenge yourself to take it to the next level?  Maybe you are curious about climbing the ladder or going out on your own?   Maybe you are a new professional who isn’t quite sure what the right fit even is?

Whatever is motivating the change, we can help you to find clarity, explore options, create a plan and act on it so you can move with grace into your next professional chapter.

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